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Diamond Chemical is a leading supplier of sanitizing cleaners for the Restaurant Industry, Retail Food Industry, and others. Whatever your need, Diamond Chemical has a sanitizer that will fit your requirements. Our specialized sanitizers can effectively disinfect against Enterobacteraerogenes, Escherichia Coli, Klebsiella Pneumonia, and H1N1 amongst others. Mold, Mildew and other Fungi are also eliminated with our variety of products.

Examples of our product line includes:

  • Aerosol deodorizers.
  • Aerosol disinfectants.
  • Disinfectants for hard surfaces.
  • Dilution control dispensers.
  • Hand Sanitizers and soaps.
  • Toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners
  • For more information, please contact us or call 1-800-OK-4-SOAP.